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Head's Blog

9th February 2021 

Today is Safer Internet Day!  Safer Internet Day is celebrated in February each year in more than 150 countries. It is a time to celebrate all the great things about being online. It is also a time to stop and think about how we can keep ourselves safe when we are online. 

We know that with partial school closures and remote learning comes more time spent on screens and on the internet for many children. Thinking about how we can keep ourselves safe online is more important than ever at these times. This year, for Safer Internet Day 2021 we are thinking about trust and exploring how we know whether we can trust what we see online. 

Today teachers across school have been exploring with their classes how we can decide whether we can trust information we see online.  We have been thinking about different situations children might come across online and whether in each case they should trust what they see online or whether they should check what they see online.  Children are encouraged to be Internet Detectives by: questioning what they see online; checking information on another online source; checking the information offline (in books) or asking a trusted adult at home or in school for help.   

We were lucky enough last year to have a school visit and workshops delivered by Google Be Internet Legends. Children were encouraged to be Internet Legends by being sharp, alert, secure, kind and brave when they are online and following the guidelines below.   

The internet is an amazing place and a fantastic source of information and learning for all of us. It is hard to remember a time when we didn't have the internet! We just need to remember to always keep ourselves safe online.  One of the best ways to do this is to ask yourself when you find information online whether we can trust it or whether you need to check it. Remember to always speak to a trusted adult in school or at home if you see anything online which is any way upsetting or worrying.  

Children at Beckfoot Allerton Primary School and Nursery are Internet Legends!

S.I.D Image 1                 S.I.D. Image 2