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Year 5 – Earth and Mars

Y5 Curriculum Overview 2019 for website

Recycling Easter Project - Mars

Children were asked to make something from recycled materials over the Easter holidays. Quade in Mars class made an amazing footstool and recorded the process...

  1. First I got wood from a bed frame and measured the wood. Then I shaped it into a box.
  2. Secondly, I got springs from a mattress and put it in the box.
  3. Then I got foam from a bed and then stapled it on.
  4. We had some scrap fabric which I put on and stapled.
  5. I covered the box in fabric and then put pale fabric on the bottom.
  6. We added the legs and then it was finished.

Temple Newsam Visit - Blogs from some of the children who went on the trip.

Raheela (Earth Class)

Getting on the coach, all I could do was expand my smile ( it was the day to visit Temple Newsam ). As me and Leigh rushed on to the coach we found comfy seats but sadly around us were very noisy people. After 45 minutes of chatting and playing  various  games we arrived on to the cobbled car park and could see in the distance an unusual U-shaped building . My eyes darted towards the never-ending grass park over flowing with multi-coloured  flowers and other people enjoying  the beautiful weather. There were people walking their dogs, people picnicking on the grass. This was all because the sun was shining and it was an unusually warm day for February.

Stepping into the building , all I could do was stare in awe at the carefully painted delicate portrait in the echoing hall. As we started the day , a kind lady called Dianne showed us around and stayed with us all day. The first activity was a time line of who owned Temple Newsam. Some of my classmates had to wear ridiculous costumes. Next , we went looking for evidence of what the Tudors hid from us . We found that some of the wooden planks had been stripped.

After we had finished lunch, we went back inside and were split into 2 groups . In my group, first we dressed up in some fancy Tudor clothes and did a dance to the music Greensleeves . We swapped over and for the last activity we looked at some more portraits and discussed how they were posing and what was behind them as a background.

Without a doubt, the most interesting part for me was the finding evidence. I thought that looking at what Tudors kept as a secret and we also found a brick wall that was supposed to be a window. How peculiar! Also having lunch was fun because, after we had ate we played on the grass and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I enjoyed it so much that I didn’t want to leave! I truly hope that, I will be visiting again. It was the most interesting and historical experience ever.

Hunain (Earth Class)

As we got on the bus, my best friends and I heard the most annoying sound in the world: the horn of the bus, hurrying us up.  Everybody was like zoo animals trying to find food, scrambling for their seats. Finally, we found a 4 seats and a table just waiting to be sat on. We sat on the seats, and my mates and I were the most exhilarated. While we were on the bus, we saw the most regal and elegant car in the world: the one the only Ferrari 458 Italia.

Finally, after a 45 minute coach ride, we arrived. The temple stood majestically, if you took time to admire the building it kind of looked like Hogwarts!

I took the first step into the building it was breath taking, the architecture, the time and effort that was put in to this is incredible building. Our tour guide, Dianne,  did the timeline of the house with us and with that, Meadow had to dress like Queen Elizabeth, which we all found amusing.

For me the most memorable part was when I volunteered to dress as a Tudor. Little did I know, I had to dress up as a girl (boys used to wear skirts in Tudor times)!

Louise (Earth Class)

Getting on the coach, I was really excited about my first trip to Temple Newsam, our first Y5 trip .

When we arrived, we walked into the reception, we noticed outstanding, stunning portraits of people who once own Temple Newsam. We also saw some antique, fragile- looking pottery. We all met a lovely lady called Dianne [Our tour guide] who took us up the grand staircase, along the corridor and into a room that had even more portraits . She took us through a timeline about Tudor era figures, who owned the estate [Meadow wore a wig to be Queen Elizabeth 1st, she was pretty embarrassed].

After that, we ate outside as it was unusually warm and we even got to roll down hills while playing and explore the amazing park!

After lunch, we got the opportunity to dress in Tudor clothes, which was very interesting as the clothes were very uncomfortable, but they were pretty. It gave us a good idea of the fashions in Tudor times.

What an amazing day we had.