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Welcome to the Library.

We are very proud of our library and the opportunities it gives the children to read and explore books. It is a light and airy space with colourful wall murals of fictional characters and is a great place to be. Each class comes to the library every

week. This gives all children the chance to borrow a book and just spend time in the library. We also have a large selection of magazines for the children to enjoy.

Comics and Graphic Novels are a great way to get children to read. They are always engaging, exciting and full of wonderful illustrations that capture children's imagination.

There is lots of information, competitions to win exclusive prizes and details of events on the national book tokens website. Accepted in thousands of bookshops and online, National Book Tokens are the perfect way to reward, encourage literacy and inspire a love of books. https://www.nationalbooktokens.com/ You could win some books for our library and some book tokens to treat yourself!

We always welcome comments and suggestions from parents so please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have anything you would like to share with us about the library or even if you would like to visit the library and see what fantastic resources we have.

Miss Grant


Pupil Librarians

Our Pupil Librarians are very hard working and ensure that the library is looking neat and tidy at all times. It is a very responsible role and helps to develop their confidence and leadership skills. Pupil librarians help return books into the library system and also issue books to children. They also help with assemblies, book fairs and author visits. This term we have 10 new Pupil Librarians.

How many books can my child borrow?

Nursery - Year 4 can have no more than 1 library book at home.

Year 5 can have no more than 2 library books at home.

Year 6 can have no more than 3 library books at home.

What if I can't find a book that my child borrowed?

If a child has lost a book parents/carers will be asked to pay £5 towards the purchase of a replacement book. Each lost book has a charge of £5 so if you child lost 3 books that would be £15. There is also an option to replace the book/books with the same book/books which may be cheaper in some cases. We recommend the following website when purchasing books:


Regular overdue letters will be sent home with your children so you are aware of what they have borrowed.

Do children get fined for bringing books back late?

No! We do not fine children for bringing books back late. We appreciate that all children read at different speeds and we want children to enjoy their books without feeling rushed.

Upcoming events


Let Waterstones in Bradford help you fill the Easter holidays with fun!

Waterstones store: Bradford

Date of event: 13/04/2019 - 28/04/2019

Time 09:00 - 17:00

Events in School

Bradford Libraries

Summer Reading Challenge

This year's Summer Reading Challenge, Space Chase, will launch in local libraries  13th July. Please see the link for more details:


Please click on links below to information about becoming a member of Bradford Libraries. By joining children and adults will have access to amazing books, newspapers, magazines, e-books and much much more. Joining is FREE!!



Please click on following link for events being held in Bradford Libraries during May and June:



Some links to useful book themed resources:

Mango Bubbles Books

Mango Bubbles Books is a book reviewing site written by children for children.  The site has grown rapidly over the last four years and has now posted over 450 reviews from over 140 children aged 5 - 15. Children can write reviews a few sentences long, a few paragraphs long or can simply draw them! Please click on the following link for more information:




Walker Books

Children are able to search for information about their favourite Walker published material. This is a great site for children. The content is worthy but fun. Please see following link for more information:


Puffin Story Times

A wonderful little booklet packed full of information about children's books and authors. It also includes some great activities for children to get stuck into.


Happy Birthday to The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Its hard to believe but the wonderful children's book The Very Hungry Caterpillar is 50 years old!! Please click on the following link to watch a video about this truly amazing book.


You could also win a Hungry Caterpillar book bundle by clicking on the following link:


Dick King Smith

This website is a wonderful accompaniment to this author's work. Please click on the link for more information:


Fun With Spot

This website is colourful, bold and very simple to navigate which is perfect for children and adults alike. Please click on the link for more information:


Jacqueline Wilson

This is a very busy looking website with lots of incentives to browsed. It is a lovely site but will probably be more appropriate for children ages 6 and above. Please click the link for more information:


World of David Walliams

This is a very child friendly website which is attractive and simple to browse. Definitely a site for fans of David Walliams. Please click the link for more information: