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Learning at home

Check the individual pages on the drop down menu for lots of ideas for each year group. The recent snow days made us think about all the ways you can learn at home. On snow days, there are lots of learning opportunities just around snow itself. On other weekend days or holidays, you can still find lots of outdoor activities to investigate and explore - or just get curled up with a good book, or an e-book through the great online resources.

Snow only falls a few times a year, it might be inconvenient but it is also precious and special - it is vital that the children get to experience it in a joyous way - the way that we all remember doing as children! So much of modern life is spent indoors on gadgets or watching TV... let’s seize the opportunity and get them outside. Let’s let them have fun!

In the snow - sledging, building snowmen and making snow angels may seem a bit obvious and, to the untrained eye, may not seem like powerful ‘learning’ experiences. However, there are so many skills involved in each of those activities, and will all develop and broaden our children’s creativity, exploration and motor skills. They could build constructions using natural materials or experiment with colours in the snow. The children could also use the opportunity to look at temperature, measurement and states of matter. They could learn snow-related vocabulary such as ‘snow drifts’ and ‘wind chill’ and ‘black ice’. They could learn about how people live in countries which have snow all year round.

Whatever the weather, why not get outdoors at your local park, or the nearby St Ives Estate is a wonderful Country Park with woodlands, open moor, and a wildflower meadow, and paths throughout. The Adventure Playground is a fantastic feature for the children, and Coppice Pond offers a chance to feed the ducks (not bread! swap bread for healthy snacks, like duck feed pellets available at the cafe) .

Here are some extra ideas for everyone that link to what were are doing in the classroom. And don't forget to check the extra pages too:

All years - Times table challenges

https://ttrockstars.com/login - pupils should already have their own login details

All years - How to make slime


1) use a bread tin / margarine tub to make snow bricks and build an igloo or a wall to hide behind when snowballing.

2) Recreate some of the winter Olympic events.

1) Everyone in the house collects a glass of snow and packs it down tightly. They should then choose a place to put their glass of snow in the house and have a competition to see whose melts the quickest.

2) make some sensory slime https://www.disneybaby.com/blog/explore-sight-touch-and-smell-with-sensory-slime/