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We are currently reviewing our Behaviour Policy. We welcome any comments by emailing feedback@beckfootallerton.org. Thank you. 

Anti Bullying

At Beckfoot Allerton Primary & Nursery School we are determined to provide our pupils with a safe, secure and happy environment in which to learn. We expect high standards of behaviour and do our best to encourage our pupils to develop into responsible and valued members of the community.

What is bullying?

Bullying is:
• deliberately hurtful behaviour,
• repeated often over a period of time,
• difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves against.

It usually takes one of four forms:
• Physical e.g. hitting, fighting, taking belongings
• Verbal e.g. name-calling, insulting remarks, racist comments
• Indirect e.g. rumour-mongering, excluding someone from social groups
• Cyber-bullying e.g. texting, use of websites etc

This type of behaviour is contrary to the ethos of our school. In partnership with parents, we aim to raise awareness and prevent such behaviour.

To view the current Behaviour, Discipline and Anti-Bullying Policy together with appendices please click one of the following links:

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