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Thursday 2nd July 
Did you know that at Beckfoot Allerton more than 15 languages are spoken by children and their families and that 12 out of 17 ethnic groups are represented in our school community? We love the diversity of our school and of the community we serve. 
Our curriculum is carefully designed to both reflect and celebrate this diversity. We want children at Beckfoot Allerton to feel proud to be responsible and respectful future-ready young people who will be active members of a society where diversity and difference are celebrated.  In each year, children learn about key historical and current figures whose successes and achievements have helped to shape the world we live.  By doing this we hope to inspire children to realise the difference one person - no matter how small - can make by their own words and actions.     
Friday 26th June was One Britain One Nation (OBON) Day. OBON Day brings everyone together to focus, not on our differences, but to celebrate the values we share: tolerance; kindness; pride; respect and a tremendous desire to help others.  Although our celebrations this year had to look a little different and we were unable to bring together our school community as we normally would, it was lovely to see how families were marking this day at home and celebrating shared values. 
Take good care of yourselves and others



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