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Thursday 21st May 

I hope you have all had a colourful day today for Elmer Day! I have worn my most colourful clothes to school today!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Thank you to all the families who have taken the time to complete our home learning survey during their calls with teachers this week. This will be really helpful to us. As today is the last day of this half term, all your teachers will be setting a home learning project for the half term as we always do. This will be for your child to complete over half term and during the week of the 1st of June. Teachers will set daily work again from Monday 8th June onwards. If you are looking for more ideas for learning before then, don't forget to visit the year group pages of our website. We can't wait to see pictures of your home learning projects. 

We had a technical issue last week so could not share with you how far we had travelled as part of our challenge to travel the world from our front door. Today, I can tell you that if you added together all the miles we have travelled since we started the challenge on the 20th of April, we would have travelled a massive 932 miles and would now be in the town of Nîmes in the south of France. Just like Bradford, Nîmes once had a booming textile industry. Two or three hundred years ago, the city was home to large textile factories producing many different fabrics. One of the fabrics they produced was called serge de Nîmes which means a sturdy fabric from Nîmes. This became known as denim and so Nîmes was the first place where denim - which is what the jeans we wear are made from - was made. I wonder where we will get as we keep counting up our miles over the next week? 

You will all have received a letter yesterday about the wider opening of schools. We will be writing to you separately with more detail about the precise arrangements. 

We hope that you all have a good half term break and if you are celebrating Eid over the coming days that you have a special time. Although today is the last day of this half term, school will be staying open over the holiday (except on Monday 25th May) to look after children of key worker families and vulnerable children. I would like to thank the fantastic team of staff at Beckfoot Allerton for supporting me to make this possible. 

Take care

Kate Horton




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